rae xiang

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I believe everything exists to belong.

To a place, a time, to each other.

Through animation, storytelling, and teaching, I strive to connect and explore where my home is in this imperfect world.

My work centers on bringing light to the intersecting identities I embody in the Asian American, queer, and autistic communities.


Born in Arkansas to Wuhanese parents, Rae could move long before she could speak. After spending her childhood in the suburbs of the Midwest, she relocated to San Francisco to begin a six year career in software engineering.

During this time, she experimented with sculpture and fiber art through local studios and art communities in Taiwan. There she became fascinated with Taoism, Intersectionality and Jungian psychology.

When the pandemic forced her to stay in place, she transitioned to digital motion. In 2023, she moved to Stockholm where she currently freelances and studies at Hyper Island’s Motion Creative program.


Motion Plus Design

RGB Design Conference

Ball Pit Mag 2021


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Currently based in Stockholm

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