rae xiang


two friends exploring the world


Catbirb was a year-long personal series created while simultaneously grieving the end of a relationship and celebrating the world opening up post-pandemic.

It's an ode to a community of friends in SF that blossomed and the smallest moments that build up our strongest connections.

Catbirb was made possible through the support of the Solana community ☀

A year with Cat and Birb

It all started on a November afternoon, sketching at a park feeling nostalgic.

These two characters kept popping into my head, like I was receiving postcards from a dear friend…

In December, we waved hello and goodbye to the passing years, staring at the sky in the soft purple light of sunset.

January was red, the color of strong beginnings we all hope for. Warm, well-fed, and ready to venture out into the world.

Then came February, a shorter, subtler month. Soothing like the ocean, dark blue nights that gently push you home when it’s time to rest.

March brought with it the greenest San Francisco offers – tender leaves, fresh flowers.

LFG? Go where? Who knows.

A silly month, April is.

Then May rolled down the grocery aisle, on the search for the perfect bbq food.

If only days could last forever we thought, as June dipped below the horizon.

… and July gave us COVID. Isolation and tea.

Back to business in August – in style. 🛵

Quietly dusk rose upon us. Rest now, September.

What else could lurk in the dark but the spookiest of months?

A year rounds out returning where we came from – memories behind, another dream ahead. November again. ♥

Catbirb: Heartbreak edition

Final project for the 6-week "Storyboarding an Animated Scene" class taught by Andy Cung.

We learned to break down a scene into beats, as well as an introduction to camera and film studies.

Thank you for an amazing year