rae xiang

the ugliest masterpiece

a one week short film

Finding their your own path, one ugly drawing at a time




Oct 2023

A story my mom loves to tell about how she rescued my very first drawing. Nowadays, I think she’s glad I’ve moved on from Crayola murals to digital motion. :]

Created for the Storytellling module at Hyper Island.


aka the letter I wrote my therapist

"The most cathartic thing about making it was the growth of kid-me shown non-verbally by where she stands in the first shot to the last.

 Start: Hiding, only knowing the path her older sister (aka others before her) has set. Attention outwards.

Open space, not looking back. Drawing on her own and taping them onto the wall herself 

Second best thing about the process was that… I wasn’t stressed!

I felt this compulsion to act stressed, almost to “lower myself” but realized - isn’t it better to set the example that you can make passion projects and NOT burn out?*

(*if it's not possible in school… then will it ever be possible :'D)

It didn’t feel like I was forcing it … I took breaks when I felt like my body needed them.

I worked at other schools (waayyy prettier) campuses to mix things up … when I felt like it. When I felt like I was over-ambitious I cut shots and ideas until it felt manageable/fun again. 

Why yes I do.

Stockholm University has horses?

First Family Portrait

It makes me think of that one session long long ago when I had a great day, and you asked me why. And I said something about being able to ask myself in the moment “do I want to go to J’s place and watch this?” instead of planning out a strict schedule.  

I’m glad I had enough space to practice that when making this project.

thank you!"

my storyboards still look like trash, but i love them anyway

Full Credits

Music: Flower Playing by Anan Ryoko

Direction, Animation: Rae Xiang

Face Rig: Patata School

VO: 李淮

thanks mom :)

Actual Family