rae xiang


see you again







MAY 2022

再见 is an animated comic about my last conversation with my mom before the pandemic. Saying goodbye at the Wuhan Railway Station.

My mom and I became very close after my dad moved away to Hong Kong. As an anxious high-schooler, her recounting of family sagas and journeys would put me at ease.

Even today I find strength in her stories, knowing that all my problems are small when zoomed back to look at the generations of humans before me.

I drew a version of this comic the night before mother's day in 2020, and wanted to recreate it after a recent conversation with her on living in Wuhan during the outbreak.


I had initially planned this to be a non-animated exploration of combining 3D and 2D draw-over.

As I added motion, the process then evolved into:

1. Render each panel with low FPS

2. Import into procreate and draw over frame by frame

3. Bring things back into blender to composite, adjust speeds, color correct.

Not the most elegant workflow, but learned a lot :)

rough draft for the page